Legal Briefs

Holiday DUI’s and Don’ts

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, reflection and a new beginning.  Unfortunately, it’s also when more DUI checkpoints begin popping up and the cops start really cracking down on DUI offenders. According to the State Justice...

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Before You Stand Your Ground, Know the Law

A Brief History Before the Stand Your Ground Law was introduced in Florida, the state operated under the Duty to Retreat Law.  This law stated that if you can safely avoid death or serious bodily injury by retreating then you legally cannot use...

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New Year, New Record – The Power of Expungement

A new year is supposed to bring about a new you, correct?  This can be a challenge for people who have a criminal record that constantly reminds them of a past mistake.  Every time you fill out a job application or try to rent a house, you always...

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