What Is Domestic Battery?

What Is Domestic Battery?

Know your rights after an accusation in Clearwater, FL

In the state of Florida, domestic battery is defined as physical assault against a family or household member. If you're facing charges, you need to speak with a defense attorney immediately. I'm R. Curtis Murtha, PA, and I've been working with clients in the Clearwater, FL area since 2009. As your attorney, it's my job to support you and advocate for you during every step of the legal process.

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Keep a jail sentence off your record

Once you've been charged with domestic battery, there are a lot of other restrictions that you could face. The court will likely establish orders to keep you and the petitioner separate throughout the dispute. After arrest, many Courts impose a continuous alcohol monitor (CAM) or GPS bracelet as a condition of release.  These monitoring devices can be very restrictive and negatively impact your employment.  As always, there is an expense associated with these devices. Motions can be filed on your behalf to remove these restrictions.  It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss all options.

You could face additional charges for violating court orders if you...

  • Remain in the same household as the petitioner
  • Assault or harass the petitioner
  • Vandalize the petitioner's property
  • Violate any other Court order imposed after arrest

Before you step into the courtroom, you need to meet with a defense attorney. Schedule a free consultation with me today to go over your options.